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About the Center

I. Origin 

In order to promote phenomenology, National Sun Yat-Sen University (NSYSU) has established the Research Centre for Phenomenology and the Human Sciences in an effort to integrate the research on phenomenology and the human sciences and boost the international cooperation and exchange of phenomenology research.

The Centre, affiliated to the College of Liberal Arts of NSYSU, is the second level research centre of the school.


II. Mission of the Centre

We regularly hold relevant academic conferences in order to enhance the exchange and cooperation between NSYSU and the institutes related to phenomenology abroad.

We publish the Journal of Phenomenology and the Human Sciences.


III. Establishment of the Centre

For the purpose of planning the research and development, the director of the Centre may appoint a number of full-time faculty members and counterparts from outside the school in the fields of phenomenology and human sciences in order to set up an advisory board for the discussion of important matters.

The director of the Center is currently Prof. Chung-Chi Yu from the Institute of Philosophy.